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Safety Gloves General Requirements EN 420 | LESH

Safety Gloves - General Requirements

This standard is to ensure that gloves fit, are comfortable anf it for purpose it considers 4 areas:  length, sizing & dexterity, pH value and Chrome VI levels (leather gloves only).


Safety gloves are measured from the tip of the middle finger to the edge of the cuff (total length). Measurements of glove sizes are outlined in EN 420

Sizing & Dexterity

Sizing is a subjective test gaining feedback from several wearers who comment on the fit. To test dexterity the wearer is asked to collect a variety of sizes of metal pins, the smaller the pin the wearer can easily collect the better the dexterity.

pH Value

Gloves are tested for their pH, acid and alkaline. The test requires the glove to possess a pH value greater than 3.5 and lower than 9.5 failure of this test could result in skin damage for the wearer.

Chrome IV

This test only applies to gloves which contain leather components. Samples are taken from at least two gloves, the chromium IV is ‘leached’ from the leather and oxidised to create a red/purple colour. This colouring indicates the levels of Chrome IV present, these levels must be below 3mg/kg for a glove to pass this test.