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Standards of Respirators EN 140 Explained | LESH

EN 140

EN140 is the European standard that covers the technical specifications for both Half & Quarter masks. A half mask is defined as covering the nose, mouth and chin, and a quarter mask as covering only the nose and mouth. Both types of mask usually have their face pieces manufactured from natural or synthetic based rubber allowing the mask the flexibility to fit the contours of the face.

Half masks can come with a variety of different types of filter conforming to various standards:


Gas filters to remove specified Gases & Vapours or combined filters for removing solids, and /or liquid particles and specified gases and vapours. Each of the types of filters has three Classes, Class 1, Class 2, & Class 3.



Covers particle filters and these are classified according to their filtering efficiency. Here again there are three classes of filter P1, P2 & P3. P1 filters are intended for use against solid particles only, P2 and P3 filters are subdivided according to their ability to remove both solid and liquid particles or solid particles only.


Deals specifically with AX filters. AX filters are designed for use against certain low boiling organic compounds. The filters are classified in only one type and class, AX. The maximum weight of filters that is allowed under the standards is 300 grams.