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What is EN 388? Mechanical Protection Gloves | LESH

EN 388 is a European standard which informs users what level of protection the chosen glove offers with regards to the below protection features:

  • Abrasion Resistance (Scale of 0-4)
  • Cut Resistance (Scale of 0-5)
  • Tear Resistance (Scale of 0-4)
  • Puncture Resistance (Scale of 0-4)

0 offers the lowest protection and 4/5 offers the best protection. Each style of glove goes through rigorous testing to destruction for each area of protection. The performance of the glove dictates the value given, the longer the glove lasts in testing, the higher the score.

Abrasion Resistance Testing – The sample glove is tested against an abrasive material like sandpaper under a certain pressure, the revolutions are then logged until the glove breaks through.

Cut Resistance Testing – The sample glove is placed beneath a rotating cutting disc with a certain pressure at a constant speed. The number of revolutions is then logged until the glove breaks through.

Tear Resistance Testing -  The sample glove is clamped between the jaws of an elastomer, which then logs the amount of force required to tear the sample

Puncture Resistance Testing – A standard sized point is used against the sample glove, the force required to puncture the sample is recorded.

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A result may look like this:

Hazard Test EN 388

Performance Level

Abrasion Resistance

2 out of 4

Cut Resistance

1 out of 5

Tear Resistance

3 out of 4

Puncture Resistance

2 out of 4